Presentation of the project organized by MALnS with the participation of Nadacia AK to create a mixed Slovak-Ukrainian community of teenagers living in Bratislava and later in other cities of Slovakia
  • 1.07.2023

  • 30.09.2023

The Ukrainian-Slovak sports and social project of joint activity #PohybSpaja is starting!
We invite you, blossoming youth, to the opening of the #PohybSpaja project, a movement that will help Ukrainian and Slovak teenagers become friends. The project will take place for 3 months. It is focused on integrating Ukrainians into the Slovak community and deepening communication with Slovak peers through sports dynamics and active leisure.

When will the project start?
The project will start at the Horský park location, or more specifically, the city under the stairs (schody do neba) at 10:00 am. Any teenager between the ages of 12 and 18 can join, the participation is free.

How will the project go?

This project will combine three parts of sports activity, namely:
Strengthening and improving your body, i.e. "Workout". Why workout? "Workout" is a basic and fundamental exercise for your body and running activity in general, because first you need to strengthen and "pump up" the muscles of the body and legs, and then start running. Some professional athletes and coaches consider it a mistake for beginners to try to run long distances or high pace from the very first day. More often than not, it turns out that the body is simply not ready for this.
"Walk and talk" in Slovak with Slovak and Ukrainian peers in one of the most beautiful places in Bratislava! Conversations in Slovak on various topics, meeting future friends. During these walks, you will learn the language in a variety of different and effective ways.
Running that will give you only high emotions. At the first meeting, we will get to know each other and running as a sport. With each subsequent training session, we will gradually increase the intensity and load to improve our fitness without harming our health. Our coach, an experienced marathon runner and a person who will motivate you, Yevhen, will help you to truly fall in love with this sport.
We are pleased to announce that Nadacia AK is actively participating in the #pohybspaja project, namely in the "Walk and talk!" part.
This initiative is aimed at engaging teenagers in an active lifestyle, communication and learning the Slovak language. Thanks to a supportive and informal atmosphere, they will be able to test their skills and expand their vocabulary.

Nadacia AK is proud to help young people develop and find new perspectives through communication and language learning.
But without financial support, we will not be able to realize this important motivational part of the project, and the overall attractiveness will be significantly reduced.