The vision of
Alona Kurotova Foundation

to encourage the education of talented young people from countries outside Slovakia to give them the chance to change their lives so that after their return home they can contribute to the development of the society they come from
The mission of the Alona Kurotova Foundation is based on the belief that education is the best form of investment for a young person. Through the implementation of the scholarship program, the mission of the Alona Kurotova Foundation is to support students in developing their education level and gaining practical skills, thus contributing to the building of a knowledge-based economy through the development of human resources.

Foundation values

The Alona Kurotova Foundation recognises the following values:
The Alona Kurotova Foundation, through its activities, shows solidarity with those who ask for support, and always seeks to encourage suitable applicants, taking into account the rules, priorities and opportunities of the Foundation.
The Alona Kurotova Foundation tries to be sensitive to the needs of the applicants. It reacts directly to the various challenges that the present time brings and contributes to their solution. Sensitivity to problems and addressing support brings unique solutions and result in the success stories of applicants.
Self-esteem and the need for growth
The Alona Kurotova Foundation gives the students participating in Foundation programs the chance to work on improving their skills, supporting their sense of recognition and satisfaction with themselves.
The history of
Alona Kurotova Foundation
July 4, 2014
The foundation was founded to be an effective tool to help young people in education, give them the chance to study at the best Slovak universities, and then apply the acquired knowledge in their countries of origin and thus contribute to the development of these countries.
The Foundation works closely with the Language School iCan, through which foreign students - scholars receive high-quality annual language training so that they are then able to continue studying at Slovak universities in the Slovak language.
February 2018
The AK Foundation organised a meeting with psychologists on the adaptation of children and adults in the new country in the premises of the language school iCan . Professional family and child psychologists had prepared the meeting with theoretical and practical parts, tests and games for children. Adaptation to a new environment is an urgent issue for both children and adults. Only a few people do not face psychological problems when they change their place of residence.
September 2018
A grant from IBM
The AK Foundation received a grant from IBM to support children of foreigners living in Slovakia. Grant funds were used to equip classes for the teaching of children of foreigners, to purchase educational materials, books, films, creative work materials, etc.
September - October 2018
11 children of foreigners living in Slovakia completed a free (funded by the AK Foundation) Slovak language course at the language school iCan. Children from Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus attended the language course programme. The two most strenuous students continued their studies with the support of the Foundation (an annual Slovak language course). The course training became for children an important part of the adaptation in the new language environment.
December 15, 2018
The AK Foundation, in collaboration with the language school iCan and the company SlovakiaInvest, organised the Christmas Festival for Russian-speaking children in the Radisson Blu Carlton's lobby. More than 200 children and parents attended the celebration. Participating in such events is also an important part of adapting and socialising for foreigners' children in their new living environment.
The AK Foundation regularly supports cultural events in Bratislava. In 2018, three theatre performances, children's and adult creative workshops, films projection, social games evenings and other events have taken place in the language school iCan premises.
The area of support
The Foundation's vision is
to be fulfilled by providing donations for:
✓ Foreigners´ scholarships
✓ Charity and philanthropic activities
AK foundation supports activities
primarily in these areas:
✓ Development and support of education
✓ Support for disadvantaged population groups
✓ Support of charity and philanthropic activities
For the Foundation, openness, transparency and equal opportunities are important. We allocate funds with definite and clearly defined terms and a clear evaluation process.

Information on supported projects is publicly available. The Foundation Board decides on project support.
Partners and Donors
We thank all the people and companies that have chosen to support us and cooperate with the Alona Kurotova Foundation. Thus you have provided the opportunity to implement our projects, especially in the field of education.